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Acromag Logo


  • Signal conditioning – single to multi-channel, for critical or lab applications, math/integrator and frequency output modules
  • Busworks™ modules/transmitters for Modbus, Profibus
  • Ethernet TCP/IP and Ethernet IP
  • i2o technology allows direct input to output module communication
  • Data acquisition

Agar Logo


  • Aqueous/organic measurement and control systems
  • Multiphase flowmeters
  • 0-100% oil/water monitors and interface detectors

AT Controls Logo

A-T Controls

  • Ball valves – High performance, manual/automated, firesafe, 2, 3, 4, and 5-way ball valves, CS and SS Body, 1, 2, and 3-piece design NPT, flanged and sanitary end connections
  • Featuring Pyramidal stem packing system
  • Pneumatic, electric and heavy-duty actuators
  • Many accessories available

Automation Products Group

Automation Products Group

  • Diversified offering of sensing technologies including level, flow, pressure, ultrasonic (position and level) sensors, data monitoring and pump controls


Catalytic Heater Co. (CATCO)

  • Catalytic heaters, natural gas or propane, 1500 BTU to 60,000 BTU
  • Applications include natural gas regulation and measurement, oven and process, space heating.

Control Microsystems (now Schneider Electric)

Control Microsystems
(now Schneider Electric)

  • SCADAPack PLC -compact, “hardened”, provides RTU functions for use in SCADA & telemetry applications
  • SCADAPack multivariable transmitters & gas flow computers (EFM), AGA-21.1 certified, programmable, solar powered option
  • ACCUTECH Wireless instrumentation sensors, Class 1, Div. 1&2 hazardous area ratings, self contained, self powered
  • Trio wireless digital radio
  • ClearSCADA – state-of-the-art SCADA host platform
  • ProductionPLUS integrated well optimization

Badger Meter Logo

Data Industrial

  • Impeller Flow sensors & transmitters
  • BTU transmitters for sub metering applications
  • Wireless flow monitoring

Badger Meter Logo


  • Chart paper & pens for recording
  • Instruments & graphics plotters

Elpro Technologies Logo

Elpro Technologies

  • Industrial wireless solutions including wireless I/O, wireless ethernet, wireless gateways, wireless profibus, and wireless device servers

*DACO is a Stocking Distributor

Enardo Logo


  • Safety and environmental vapor control equipment
  • Relief valves, gauge hatches, emergency pressure relief vents, flame arrestors, and detonation flame arrestors

Eurotherm Logo

(now Invensys Controls)

  • Temperature/process controllers – single loop, multi-loop or network systems
  • Digital indicators, FM alarm switches and power control products, including solid-state relays, contactors, and SCR units
  • Box actuators and sensors
  • Graphic and paper recorders, touchscreen, data loggers and HMI devices
  • Data acquisition, display, storage, management, and networking
  • EPower™ – save energy with predictive load management (PLM)

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Exloc Instruments Logo

Exloc Instruments

  • Instruments, electronic devices, and other products specifically designed and approved for use in classified hazardous locations
  • Intrinsically safe apparatus

Extronics Logo


  • Class I Div I (Zone 1) Industrial wireless solutions
  • Intrinsically Safe RFID tags and readers

Faure Herman Logo

Faure Herman Meter
*part of Liquid Controls Group

  • Liquid flowmeters
  • Advanced technology Heliflu™ helical rotor
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters (1 to 18 beam) for liquid flow measurement
  • API custody transfer accuracy under the most severe operating conditions
  • Includes truck rack meters

Gayesco International Logo


  • Thermocouples, RTD’s & engineered temperature measurement solutions
  • Tubeskin thermocouples for process heaters
  • Reactor profiling systems
  • Gas measurement RTD’s

Gneuss Logo


  • Measurement technology for polymer processing industries
  • Melt pressure transducers & temperature sensors
  • Mercury-free & custom-built sensors available
  • Interchangeable with standard types
  • Repair/exchange program available

*DACO is a Stocking Distributor



  • Magnetically coupled level gauges
  • Magnetostrictive level transmitters
  • Guided wave radar transmitters
  • Level switches; float operated and electronic, including tuning fork, thermal dispersion & capacitance
  • Laser level transmitters
  • Ultrasonic level
  • Pressure/Temperature switches

PMI/Daco Logo

Pietro Fiorentini

  • Direct and pilot operated regulators
  • Control, safety relief and slam-shut valves
  • Ball and butterfly valves up to 24" diameter and ANSI 1500# pressure rating
  • Dual and single chamber orifice fittings
  • Filters and separators
  • Odorizers
  • Heaters, dehydrators and other gas conditioning equipment
  • Fabricated measurement, control and conditioning stations
  • Station engineering and design services

PMI/Daco Logo


  • Mechanical & electronic vibration switches
  • Two wire velocity transmitters
  • Digital transmitters for velocity & proximity sensors
  • Portable vibration monitors
  • Complete monitoring systems

RTK Instruments

RTK Instruments

  • Manufacturers of alarm annunciators and systems events recorders, clocks and alarm software
  • Display facias hazardous area interface
  • Alarm and display products
  • Signal conditioning & trip amplifiers
  • Process instrumentation

Sierra Monitor Logo

Sierra Monitor Corporation

  • Vapor & flame monitoring – single to multi-point stand-alone or network systems
  • Industrial, municipal, and HVAC area monitoring including combustible, toxic, and refrigerant monitoring


Sur-Flo Meters &
Controls Ltd.

  • Environmentally friendly and robust control valves for liquid & vapor
  • High Sand load turbine meter designed for abrasive service
  • Roto-Boss, Multi-port quick change orifice plate system… The 10 Second Change

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific
(formerly BRANDT)

  • Air flow – low range pressure measurement and transmitters from .01" w.c. span
  • TRANSDUCERS – current to pressure (I/P), pressure to current (P/I) and voltage to pressure (E/P)

*DACO is a Stocking Distributor

Thermocouple Technology Logo

Thermocouple Technology

  • All varieties of thermocouples, RTDs and thermowells, including assemblies and instrumentation
  • Programmable temperature transmitters, HART compatible

Toshiba Logo

Toshiba Industrial Products

  • Adjustable speed drives
  • Medium voltage drives
  • Low voltage drives (600 volt and below)
  • Solid state, magnetic and combination starters
  • Medium voltage motors
  • Low voltage motors (600 volt and below)
  • Line reactors
  • Harmonic and long lead filters

*DACO is a Stocking Distributor

WEG Electric Corporation  Logo

WEG Electric Corporation

  • Adjustable speed drives and motors for industrial and energy systems
  • Medium and low voltage drives
  • Solid state, magnetic and combination starters
  • Medium and low voltage motors

*DACO is a Stocking Distributor



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